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Jerry offers workshops tailored for students from grade 7-12 to college level in a performing arts curriculum. The workshop provides a specific focus on the ninteenth century classic medicineman character and show format. Jerry introduces the various characters he has developed, and the cast of puppets and props used to create his shows. A discussion of Jerry’s mentoring influences — such as Utah Phillips, the celebrated folksinger; Avner The Eccentric, a European clown; Roberto Morganti, a champion juggler; and the Flying Karamazov Brothers juggling team — provides a sense of theory and practice.

Colorful and heartwarming stories about the development of Jerry's characters history and street-performing experiences make this time with him a valued experience. A single 50-minute class period is doable but very rushed. Two hours is best. The opportunity to go out to a school lunch period and put on an actual street performance as a finale is the icing on the cake, and may make it a half-day event. Jerry provides some props and tools for the class to keep.
Workshop Slideshow
A slideshow of a workshop is available to view by clicking on this picture. It takes 30-60 seconds to download. The pictures flip every 10 seconds, but you can open them randomly after the show has completed one cycle in about 2 minutes.
Workshop Class Handout
The class handout for grades 7-12 are available in a downloadable PDF by clicking the picture below. This is a screen resolution PDF. A print PDF version is available for the workshops. Under Revision — Not Currently Available