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Quotes recently gathered and from years past.

"For unselfish service to the City of Sandpoint, for creating awesome amounts of joy and smiles for the young and "young at heart", in recognition of your endless enthusiasm for kids and community, it is my pleasure, on behalf of the City and its citizens to confer the honorary title of "Community Ambassador"

Raymond P. Miller, Mayor, City of Sandpoint, Idaho

"Jerry Luther's (Dancing Duckman) excitement and high energy while performing is refreshing and contagious. He and his lovable dancing ducks found themselves, with a few other puppeteers, as a highlight clip during that evening's local television news. Jerry Luther is the Pied Piper of puppetry."

Doug K. Stephens, PNW Regional Director, Puppeteers of America

"You were a great hit last year!  We have had lots of positive comments over the past year about "how great the "duck man ' was!" Now that families are looking forward to our next festival, some are asking, "Is the Duck Man coming back?" I hope you are able to join us once again!"

Gail Brown, Kootenay Children's Festival, British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you to both of you for attending our concert last night and doctoring our ducks. The kids had a great time but their biggest thrill was your attendance. You have been such a blessing to us. Again, thank you for your help (street performing workshop)."

Carol Mollgaard, Performing Arts Teacher, Woodland Middle School

"Jerry Luther delighted San Francisco Bay Area crowds with his creative act, mesmorizing adults and children alike. Whether part of a parade or moving around in crowded parks, he captivates individuals with his dancing ducks, music, and movement. When he is followed by curious onlookers, as is often the case, he stops to engage a particular group and caters the show to their age group and interests. Jerry's act touches the heart and soul, bringing a universal smile to all, regardless of race, religion, language, or national origin."

Elizabeth Friedman Branoff, Bay Area Regional Director

American Jewish World Service

"You dance pretty good for a white boy"

Vendor at Farmers Market, Hollywood California

"You got a class act man"

Vendor on the boardwalk at Venice Beach, California

"This is in acknowledgment of Jerry Luther's work with the Kootenay children's Festival in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada...not only does he have incredible control of his four ducks...these four feathered friends join him as he roved throughout the day and looked like a modern day pied piper with a hoard of children dancing behind him everywhere he went.

Jerry moves among the crowd dancing and manipulating his four ducks while carrying a bright yellow (boombox) that provides the background "tunes." His versatility amazes me and he still manages to interact with his audience and delight the children without missing a beat. I'm always in awe of his stamina as he dances his way through the crowd and around the entire festival site.

He has always provided us with top caliber performances!! His character is bubbly and he uses a variety of vivid costumes and special effects...He uses different approaches for the diverse groups of people in his audience and his performance is varied according to what is popular with the children or in connection our themes."

Beth Carter — Treasurer, Kootenay Children's Festival, British Columbia, Canada

"If you are looking for that personal touch to make your fair or event something special, I highly recommend that you engage the Dancing Duckman Show."

Louis Montaño — Coordinator, Spring Fair, Douglas County, Oregon

"We heartily recommend the Dancing Duckman Show for laughs and frolic, his magic springs from his spontaneity and his ethics."

Peter Moore —Retreat coordinator, Breitenbush Retreat Center

"The Dancing Duckman has added greatly to the Crafts Courtyard."

Judy Mullin — Production Manager, Oregon State Fair

"It was a delight for all ages, not to mention the the teaching staff....excellent assembly material."

Winne McCamas, Orondo School Staff