The walkaround (dancearound) puppet act stars are marionettes crafted by Jerry and Becky Luther. They are simple, yet create a highly effective animated illusion that gets instant recognition, even at a distance. Everybody loves the image of a Pied Piper leading a family of little ducks along the path or across the grassy lawn.
Dancing Duck Review

Billy, Tilly, Silly, and Sheriff John are famous for their dancing, marching, strutting and strolling to a wide variety of popular music. The Dancing Duckman performs something between aerobic and Be-Bop dance moves while trying to keep all five of them in some form of synchronicity. This act can go anywhere, cover a lot of ground, and provide intimate one-on-one or group storytelling experiences. The scenes created with enraptured toddlers, babes in strollers and their parents, pre-teens, and adults form plays within plays that can hold the attention of large groups of smiling people.
Bruce the Duck

Bruce is twenty-nine years old and has the worn feet and old stories to prove it. He has been the Duckman's main sidekick through years of performing. Bruce gathered crowds for him (known then as the Hooeyman) when he pitched hooey sticks up and down the West Coast in an authentic medicine show.
Bruce performs his basic six tricks in which he pecks, poops, dances, flies, does dog impressions, and tips his hat. A show-stopper is when Bruce mounts a platform to launch himself into a daring flight, where he bursts the balloons of higher consciousness held on a pole by a brave young voluntee


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