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Back stage, Becky keeps the act looking good and fresh. She designs, decorates, and produces costumes, props and puppets. During performances she manages equipment and curious children. Becky coordinates with site managers and volunteer staff to focus the Duckman into areas for maximum impact and event benefit.
  Sandpoint's historic Panida Theater's 75th birthday vaudeville and variety show, 2002.   Becky makes a special street entertaining travel bag for Jerry to use in Mexico, 2002.  
The table saw is the only machine that Becky avoids in their wood-working and puppet-making shop. She does have her own chain saw and rota-tiller, though.
  A performer in her own right, Becky adds a high level of spirit and energy to her African dancing, 1998.  
  Jerry convinced Becky to demonstrate how to ride on a magic broom while refereeing the "broom NOT race," an event where cooperation was the objective, 2002.   In the period spanning 1978 to 1990 Jerry, Becky and their son Travis appeared at over 250 art and craft shows. They put on twice as many medicine show performances. Jerry danced more than 1000 30-minute sets, and the family produced an estimated 50,000 items.