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The duck troupe always receives a hearty welcome in the Pacific Northwest and everywhere they migrate, south to Mexico for some winter sun or to Hollywood (the Duckman's home town) for some fancy duck-dancing in tinsel town.
  These kids live around the corner from our favorite hotel in a fishing village in Mexico.   Parades in Sandpoint, Idaho are among the events that make it fun to live there.  
Billy went nose-to-nose with this puppy. Dogs are some of our best ad-lib material.
  One of the vendors at the Hollywood Farmers Market said "You don't dance bad, for a white boy."  
  Check out the kid in the stroller . He's doing a priceless rubberneck at the duck-n-dog bit. This is the Lost in the 50s festival, another great Sandpoint event.   A little bee-bop on the hip Venice Beach boardwalk at Santa Monica, California.